gosh its been nice to actually have time to make food lately and wowie (and read to thank gosh) + it helps that my parents were here for the weekend and filled my fridge lol

1. half iceberg lettuce, half red kale; garlic & ginger minced; orange peppers; seasoned chicken and shredded cheese with balsamic dressing

2. tofu marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and ginger, then browned in olive oil. broccoli, bok choy, orange peppers, onions sauteed in olive oil and sesame oil with garlic and ginger. mixed in noodles.

3. tofu marinated in coconut oil and lime, browned in olive oil and coconut oil. orange peppers, red kidney beans and chickpeas. dressing of olive oil and lime. 

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#the third was literally the best the tofu omg to die for i wanna eat it every day #i miss cooking and oh my #also been working out hardcore lately and just feel great?? #lonely as poo tho holy frick come home v #classes start monday no thank U #last days of summerrr meep #personal #food


Body comparative #52 (1,2)

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Michelle Morin

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230,103 plays ♫ Vampire Weekend ♪ Im Going Down
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Nirav Patel

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Parker Fitzgerald

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Gabrielle Hamilton’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on Food52

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Milena Bonilla - Noises (2007)

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Vincent van GoghPlain Near Auvers, 1890

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San Francisco, May 2014.

Ughh I want to live here so badly:(

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Hiking the MacKinnon Pass, New Zealand

National Geographic | January 1978

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(by rose claw)

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Looking up at the ceiling of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom at the Palace of Versailles.


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